The infrastructure in the capital area is extensive and modern. Distances are short; the average commute only takes 11.6 minutes. The capital area is closely connected to other parts of the country by road, sea, and air. A public bus transport system runs regularly. The capital area consists of: Reykjavik (pop. 120,000), Kopavogur (32,000), Seltjarnarnes (4,300), Gardabaer (13,800), Hafnarfjordur (27,000), Mosfellsbaer (9,000), and Kjosahreppur (200). The total population of the capital area is over 200,000, which is nearly 65% of the Icelandic population. The Greater Capital Area – defined as the area within a 45-minute catchment zone from Reykjavik city center – has an additional 40,000 inhabitants which amounts to 75% of the country’s population.




Reykjavik Capital Area Municipalities