Young and vibrant

The combination of culture, safety, comfort, and easy access to thrilling other-worldly nature and wellness characterize Reykjavík Capital Area. Where else are you two hours from a glacier trek? 20 minutes from hiking or horseback riding? How about whale watching boats right downtown? A helicopter ride plains of black lava or bubbling geothermal areas? Soaking in a world-class spa? The Capital Area has all these in a modern, compact, and walkable European city with accommodations for large international events and boutique stays.

Reykjavík Capital Area has the high-tech infrastructure and professional know-how. Iceland has the high-tech infrastructure and technical support for the most challenging events at its conference halls, convention centers, and meeting venues. The country also ranks in the top ten in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) adoption and digital skills in the World Economic Forum’s The Global Competitiveness Report – Special Edition 2020.

Because Iceland has such a small population, perhaps it is no surprise there is a strong sense of culture, family, and community. These networks are invaluable for connecting people and ideas into action and getting the job done!  One clue of Iceland’s safety (which often shocks foreign tourists) is seeing strollers with bundled-up babies sleeping outside houses, storefronts, and restaurants. (The fresh air helps them sleep!) We pride ourselves on our peacefulness and being the only NATO member without a standing military. Iceland ranks first on the Global Peace Index and has annually since the start of the index in 2008. The crime rate is exceedingly low, and Icelandic police do not carry guns! Children play outside unsupervised from an early age, often only returning when their dinner—or curfew starts!

According to the latest report from World Economic Forum, Iceland is the most gender-equal country globally. In 2018, Iceland instituted Equal Pay Certification that requires workplaces to prove that they pay employees the same wage for the same job without discriminating based on sex. Iceland also ranks first in the world on the latest LGBTI Global Acceptance Index, which measures the national level of acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people. Iceland supports and encourages diversity for a richer society.

We take tremendous pride in our creative industries and arts. Reykjavík is renowned for its active nightlife, thriving music, and lively art scene. Despite its size, the Capital Area is a buzzing cultural hub with many art galleries, theatres, and concert venues. The vibrant cultural scene has gained a substantial following for events such as Iceland Airwaves, Sonar Festival, Reykjavi­k International Literary Festival, Reykjavík Pride week, Design March, Dark Music Days, Stockfish European & Reykjavík International Film Festivals, Reykjavík Arts Festival, and a constantly rotating schedule of art exhibitions. Travel across Iceland, and you will see that art is not confined to Reykjavík.

One of the added benefits of plentiful geothermally heated waters is the spas! Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is now a global “bucket list” destination. With its success, many new spas are opening up around the country. Naturally, spas are a fantastic way to wind down and recharge after a day of meetings. Besides stunning scenery, several spas offer various packages and treatments to help you achieve relaxing bliss. Wellness beyond water activities abounds in Iceland too! Yoga, biking, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, skiing, and healthy eating, just to name a few.