Wine and Dine

While Iceland might be famous for its more traditional delicacies such as pickled ram’s testicles and putrefied shark, visitors will be pleased to learn that Reykjavík Capital Area is also fast becoming one of the best locations to sample quality new Nordic cuisine, all cooked up by our treasured local and international talent using those fresh and sumptuous ingredients Iceland is so famous for!

Food aficionados will also be pleased and perhaps even impressed by the number of diverse restaurants in the area – mostly staffed with award winning chefs that create both imaginative and delicious cuisine. We recommend visitors try out in particular the Icelandic cuisine, which is characterized by an imaginative use of local ingredients such as fresh seafood, organic lamb and wild game; but be sure to try the fabulous Icelandic hotdog and pizza too!

Apart from the great food available the capital area also boasts a remarkable café culture, where trained baristas serving quality coffee are the rule rather than the exception.

For an even greater surprise, we encourage our guests to give their taste buds a treat by sampling some the various award-winning local beers available. There’s even a school of beer run by the city’s oldest brewery for those who like a little history to go with their beer tasting!

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