Why Reykjavik Capital Area

Competitive Edge

Reykavik Capital Area is a young, vibrant area inhabited by an educated, highly skilled population. The capital area of Iceland; a Nordic country with an excellent infrastructure and a high quality of life. The area is surrounded by nature, where within an hour’s drive you can experience glaciers, waterfalls, lava canyons and other geological wonders. Iceland is located half way between North-America and Europe and is renowned for its approach towards sustainability, where 99% of all electricity in Iceland is generated from green, renewable energy.

Iceland is the only country in Western Europe that still has large resources of competitively priced renewable energy. ON Power has a definite competitive edge in a world of ever rising energy prices due to the low production cost of electricity in geothermal power plants.

Reasons to choose Reykjavik Capital Area:

Highly skilled workforce

  • Experienced, well-educated, hard working, skilled workforce offer world-class data centers in Iceland.

Engineering companies in RCA

  • Experience and qualification to service Level 1 and Level 2 types of data centers.

Renewable energy

  • The Icelandic energy grid gets 100% of its energy from geothermal and hydro resources, making it 100% renewable.

Naturally cool

  • The cold air means virtually free cooling all year round resulting in low cooling costs.

Supportive business environment

  • Iceland’s support for business offers a range of business incentives
  • As a member of the EEA agreement, Iceland is part of the inner European market and subject to European legislation, including:
    • A comprehensive data protection act
    • Tariff free access to the European Union

Low risk

  • Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world and at low risk regarding natural disasters, as research has confirmed. Its famous volcanic activity is confined to isolated zones and has had little or no impact on the production and transmission of electric power.
  • See research confirming the minimal impact of natural disasters on business in Iceland.