Data Centers

With is abundant supply of green, renewable energy, Reykjavik Capital Area is positioning itself as a prime location for international data centers. Today there are two international data centers offering their services in the greater capital area: Verne Global and Advania. Among their clients are BMW, Datapipe, RMS, CCP Games and Opera Software.

The Reykjavik Capital Area is Iceland‘s prime location for data centers as its combines proximity to its knowledge workers, educational institutions and a well-connected international airport.  Iceland is in the enviable position of still having untapped renewable energy to sell to the world via both geothermal and hydroelectric means. Icelandic energy providers also offer stable long term energy contracts.

Iceland has developed a world class energy grid, considered by IMD to be the best in the world. The grid was developed to service the aluminum industry which has very low tolerance for downtime.  The aluminum industry has been in Iceland since 1962 and expanded based on its positive experiences. Reykjavik Capital Area offers data centers the possibility of low operating costs. They are provided by competitive energy prices and free cooling through northern winds. The free cooling gives Iceland‘s data centers exceptionally good PUE values.

Iceland has been developing good ICT connection to both Europe and North America via submarine cables. Farice is a 720 Gbps cable which runs between Scotland and Iceland via the Faroese Islands. The second cable is DANICE which is a 5120 Gbps cable which runs between Denmark and Iceland. The company Farice operated the two cables and offers a point of presence in Reykjavik, Thorshavn (Faroe Islands), London and Copenhagen. The third cable is Greenland Connect, a 1900 Gbps cable which goes from Iceland to Greenland and from there to Canada.

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