Processing Tech

Green technology for marine and food processing

Icelandic food production is focused on quality and fresh materials. Pure Icelandic nature provides healthy foods to local and global markets. Through the centuries fisheries have been the lifeline of the nation, both as its main food supply, and its chief export product. Sustainability and secure production is most important and Iceland has become a leading country in the advancement of marine and food processing technology.

Promote sustainability and improve efficiency

Icelandic companies are focused on increasing yield and reducing waste, to promote sustainability in aquaculture, fisheries and food processing. They constantly work to find ways to improve efficiency in the industry. Their customers are for example looking for solutions that use less water and electricity, and that also offer impeccable hygiene and traceability.

“Fishing is intertwined with nation’s history and culture and one could say that seamanship is part of the identity of every Icelander.”