Iceland Game Industry

The industry averages around $84m in annual revenue, and has in the last ten years accumulated more than 100 billion ISK (~$843m) in revenue. This revenue and growth was mostly driven by CCP and their flagship game Eve Online. CCP has been and still is, by far, the biggest player in the industry. The export revenue from the industry has been on average over 95% of the total revenue. In multiple years, the percentage is over 99%, which truly highlights how international the industry is. From 2009 through October 2019, the Icelandic game companies released 83 games. That means a new Icelandic game is released, on average, every 1,5 months.

All platforms – mobile, console, PC, browsers, AR (augmented reality), and VR (virtual reality) – were served, but by far the biggest platform is mobile, with 75% of the games released being designed and built for that platform. The second biggest platform is AR/VR, with 12% of the games released for AR/VR devices. In addition to these games released, there’s continuous investment and develop- ment in EVE Online, which isn’t surfaced in a graph showing num- ber of games released because the releases of updates to the game are continuous.

For further information vist the Icelandic Game Industry website