Iceland Ocean Cluster

The Iceland Ocean Cluster is an collaboration with over 70 companies of all size and types. Through the collaboration, companies gain a platform to collaborate with other companies, strengthen relationship with entrepreneurs and participate in collaborative projects and new companies.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) started in 2012. In the beginning twelve companies had offices in the facilities but they are now over 70 companies of different sizes which represent most parts of the ocean value chain in Iceland from fisheries to seafood biotech companies. The companies are ranging from newly established branches that are taking their first steps to a branch of well-established companies. The building employs around 120 people from over 12 countries. The companies are in fish sales, fisheries technology, software development, design, biotechnology, cosmetics, consulting, research and various other things. The IOC is a community of these companies and a platform for them to create new value together. Recent study by the Iceland Ocean Cluster showed that over 70% of the companies in the Ocean Cluster have collaborated with another company in this facility.

Website: Iceland Ocean Cluster