Iceland Geothermal Cluster

Iceland is uniquely situated in terms of access to a quality resource. The high percentage of geothermal energy as proportion of Iceland’s total primary energy (85%) consumption is unique in the world. Most of the development of geothermal utilization in Iceland has occurred for the last one hundred years or so, especially in the latter half of the 20th century. Iceland is a strong player in the global geothermal market, enjoying the benefits of a powerful geothermal cluster. The cluster’s strength consists of a developed system for using geothermal energy in multiple ways, experienced specialists, and a strong international reputation and network.  Onpower  (Reykjavik Energy) is probably the largest geothermal company in the world based on power creation.

The Cluster, represents the energy sector in Iceland and has on average more than 50 members that together manage the energy resources of the country. The Iceland Geothermal initiative is part of the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster.