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Number of employees in August 2019

On 09/10/2019

During the 12-month period from SeptembeRead more

Liabilities and assets in 2018

On 08/10/2019

There was an increase in net worth for aRead more

Value of catch was 14 billion ISK in July

On 07/10/2019

The total value of catch from IcelandicRead more

4,500 vacancies in the third quarter of 2019

On 07/10/2019

Approximately 4,500 jobs were estimatedRead more

Total value of sold manufactured products 2008-2018

On 04/10/2019

Figures have been updatedRead more

Lifelong learning 2018

On 02/10/2019

Figures have been updatedRead more

Educational attainment of the population 2018

On 02/10/2019

Figures have been updatedRead more

Our source for facts and figures:

Statistics Iceland  ,the center for official statistics in Iceland.  Central Bank, of Iceland, the principal objective of the Central Bank of Iceland is to promote price stability and financial stability. Icelandic Association of Local Authorities ,the forum for co-operation between the local municipalities in Iceland.