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Net-purchases have increased but problems are common

On 01/04/2020

The majority of Icelanders, or 59%, hadRead more

The balance of trade in February 2020 negative by 1.8 billion ISK

On 31/03/2020

The value of exported goods from IcelandRead more

12.7% decrease in overnight stays in February

On 31/03/2020

The number of overnight stays in FebruarRead more

Value of catch in January

On 30/03/2020

Figures have been updatedRead more

Consumer prices up by 0.23% between months

On 27/03/2020

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) based onRead more

Unemployment 5% in February

On 26/03/2020

The number of unemployed in February wasRead more

Migration remained high in 2019

On 25/03/2020

Net external migration in Iceland in 201Read more

Producer price index in February 2020

On 24/03/2020

Figures have been updatedRead more

Our source for facts and figures:

Statistics Iceland  ,the center for official statistics in Iceland.  Central Bank, of Iceland, the principal objective of the Central Bank of Iceland is to promote price stability and financial stability. Icelandic Association of Local Authorities ,the forum for co-operation between the local municipalities in Iceland.