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Building cost index for March 2020

On 19/02/2020

Figures have been updatedRead more

Total catch in January was 36 thousand tonnes

On 14/02/2020

The landed catch of Icelandic vessels inRead more

Monthly balance of trade in goods and services for November 2019

On 13/02/2020

The surplus of balance of trade in serviRead more

Icelandic labour market 2019

On 13/02/2020

Unemployed were 7,400 persons or 3.5% ofRead more

World catch 2017

On 12/02/2020

Figures have been updatedRead more

Registered enterprises and organisations 2019

On 07/02/2020

Figures have been updatedRead more

Unemployment 3.3% in the 4th quarter 2019

On 06/02/2020

The average number of persons in the labRead more

Our source for facts and figures:

Statistics Iceland  ,the center for official statistics in Iceland.  Central Bank, of Iceland, the principal objective of the Central Bank of Iceland is to promote price stability and financial stability. Icelandic Association of Local Authorities ,the forum for co-operation between the local municipalities in Iceland.