Family Friendly Society

The general attitude regarding family life and children is very positive in Iceland, with a good system of legislation in place for the protection of children. When a child is born, the state secures monthly income for each parent for three months, and additional three months that the parents can divide between them. The average birth rate in 2011 was 2.02 children per woman. The state provides thorough and systematic health care for young children, as well as excellent health care for families and individuals. Private Nursery child care is subsidized by the city and Kindergartens / Preschools are run by the city with reasonable fees paid by the parents. The labor market is in general family friendly and many workplaces offer flexible working hours. All full-time employees have the right to 6 weeks’ paid vacation each year. Children in Iceland experience a lot of freedom. Many of them travel to school and sports activities on their own, and children are normally free to go out and play with other kids in the neighborhood.