We support foreign companies, investors and talents in making a successful start in Reykjavik Capital Area

We support foreign companies, investors and talents in making a successful start in Reykjavik Capital Area



The capital area has over 16,000 students enrolled in academic institutes.  They are located next to the Reykjavik city center…


Living and working

Reykjavik Capital Area stretches from Hvalfjordur in the north to Hafnarfjordur in the south. The infrastructure in the capital area is extensive and modern. Distances are short; the average commute only takes around 12 minutes.


Setting up a business

Iceland ranks among the top countries in the world when it comes to the ease of establishing a business according to the World Bank.



Reykjavik Capital Area is a young, vibrant area inhabited by an educated, highly skilled population. The capital area of Iceland; a Nordic country with an excellent infrastructure and a high quality of life.



Science City

The capital area offers great opportunities for knowledge-based industries such as biotechnology in the Reykjavik Science Park. US medical company Amgen has a subsidiary company, Decode Genetics, in park. Newly build headquarters of Alvogen pharmaceuticals are also in the Science Park.

Reykjavik Hotel Prospectus 2016

 Hotel Prospectus

Iceland and the Reykjavik Capital Area are among the fastest growing tourism destinations in Europe. In order to keep pace with this growth the area needs more hotel rooms than are currently plans for. The area would also like to see more international brands and investors in order to increase knowledge and diversity in the hospitality industry.


Data Center

With is abundant supply of green, renewable energy, the capital area is positioning itself as a prime location for international data centers. Today there are two international data centers offering their services in the greater capital area: Verne Global and Advania. Among their clients are BMW, Datapipe, RMS, CCP Games and Opera Software.


Municipalities in the capital area

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