Health Cluster

Iceland has developed specialized knowledge in several fields of health throughout the past few years. This has happened through the combination of well-educated workforce with an international outlook, both in Europe and the US, an entrepreneurial environment and a sophisticated health-care system. Iceland’s health cluster is strongest in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment where it has world class companies. Around 1/3 of Icelandic R&D output goes to medical sciences and around half of all peer reviewed papers from Iceland concern the medical industry.
Medical Products

Iceland’s medical products industry has been growing rapidly with many interesting companies being established. The best known companies are Actavis pharmaceuticals, Alvogen pharmaceuticals, and Össur prosthetics—all top companies worldwide in their fields. Several foreign companies have research divisions in Iceland, such as Amgen which has a genetics research department in the Vatnsmyri science park.
Health Tourism

The health cluster also includes companies focusing on public health such as Lazytown, which produces entertainment for children focused on healthy living. Iceland is also a well-known health tourism destination with one of the world’s best Spas, the Blue Lagoon.