Why Reykjavik Capital Area

Competitive Edge

Reykavik Capital Area is a young, vibrant area inhabited by an educated, highly skilled population, with an excellent infrastructure and a high quality of life.  Iceland is the only country in Western Europe that still has large resources of competitively priced renewable energy. ON Power has a definite competitive edge in a world of ever rising energy prices due to the low production cost of electricity in geothermal power plants

IMD World Competitiveness Rankings 2021

Iceland moves to 21th position 2021, the result of an improving macroeconomic situation and an easing of financial concerns. Despite its significant difficulties in these areas in recent years, Iceland continues to benefit from a number of clear competitiveness strengths in moving toward a more sustainable economic situation.

Reykjavik is the world´s 5th smartest sustainable city

The Cities in Motion Index 2020 by IESE Business School in Barcelona offers  offers a broad and holistic vision of what a city represents, taking into account different key dimensions to create smarter and more sustainable cities. Reykjavik is the 5th smartest and sustainable city in the world – the overall best of the Nordic cities.