We support foreign companies, investors and talents in making a successful start in Reykjavik Capital Area

We support foreign companies, investors and talents in making a successful start in Reykjavik Capital Area



The capital area has over 17,000 students enrolled in academic institutes.  They are located next to the Reykjavik city center…



Reykjavik Capital Area stretches from Hvalfjordur in the north to Hafnarfjordur in the south. The infrastructure in the capital area is extensive and modern. Distances are short; the average commute only takes around 12 minutes.

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Iceland ranks among the top countries in the world when it comes to the ease of establishing a business according to the World Bank.



Reykjavik Capital Area is a young, vibrant area inhabited by an educated, highly skilled population. The capital area of Iceland; a Nordic country with an excellent infrastructure and a high quality of life.


Science City

The capital area offers great opportunities for knowledge-based industries such as biotechnology in the Reykjavik Science Park. US medical company Amgen has a subsidiary company, Decode Genetics, in park. Newly build headquarters of Alvogen pharmaceuticals are also in the Science Park.

Cities in motion index

Reykjavik is the world´s 5th smartest sustainable city

The Cities in Motion Index by IESE Business School in Barcelona offers  offers a broad and holistic vision of what a city represents, taking into account different key dimensions to create smarter and more sustainable cities. Reykjavik is the 5th smartest and sustainable city in the world – the overall best of the Nordic cities.


10 Icelandic startups to watch in 2019

On this Nordic island you can watch the Aurora Borealis while bathing in a thermal pool heated by volcanic activity. The country is home to just 348k inhabitants, making it the most sparsely populated nation in Europe.


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Municipalities in the capital area

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